Following the publication of the Samura Kamara Police Clearance, one seasoned International journalist insinuated a possible transfer, suspension, demotion or outright termination of Joseph F M’bayoh, the Deputy Chief Supt of the CID who authorized the Clearance.

But I differed with him on all counts as empirically under our type of so vicious and polarized political climate, no Senior Government Security functionary would have risked his personal safety and job security and authorized such a Clearance without-:

1. Prior Supreme Executive Authority Clearance – subject of course to further Clearances having ascertained from all arms of judicial administration that no scintilla of evidence or nexuses exists to convict Samura Kamara on any pending litigation – no matter for how long they will last


2. Clearance too could not have been unreasonably withheld on account of prior pressures having been applied by the International Community. This would seem obvious given public insinuations about the point-blank insistence by the International Community (possibly unwrapped by the recent European Union Pre-Elections Team) that Samura Kamara – the greatest nemesis of the SLPP – must be on the election ticket, failing which their own intelligence has indicated sustained political volatility going forwards without that.

Whichever of the two above one is inclined to believe, those who have always considered our Judicature as a malleable tool of any sitting government or initially entertained doubts about that noble institution’s capacity of repairing and rebranding itself should begin to have second thoughts.

As the situation stands – that is with a Police Clearance now issued to Dr Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara the political implications are-:

His private and public movements (including the pursuits of his political ambitions) have been unfettered.

The integrity and independence of the Judicature are safeguarded, all matters for or against him will definitely now have to be placed in abeyance until after the elections and the inhibitions of the International Community are assuaged.

Read My Lips!!

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